We finally moved

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Sunday was indeed a busy day for us because it was the day that we finally moved to our new apartment. Luckily, we invite ourselves to my parents-in-law house to eat dinner first before moving to our new place. I'm pretty sure also that in that day I have no time to cook so, well we can take out some foods but we were just so tired from all the stuff that we need to transport. In fact, we still have some left over stuff in my parents-in-law house but every evening, we keep going there to pick it up piece by piece.

Anyway, I'm so happy now that we have our own place. I feel like I'm home now, that I can do whatever I want in my house. Apparently, our apartment is not totally done yet, it's like 10% left just to finish all the paintings. Luckily, dad comes here every day just to continue painting.


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