I passed!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Two days ago, I got a letter from the Gemeente and in that letter it stated that I passed my last dutch exam. I was so happy and felt relieve that I finally finish my dutch course. Before I took the exam, I didn't went to school for weeks already because I find it as a waste of my time. I guess I'm just unlucky that I belong to the group that we don't have a steady teacher. I can't count in my fingers anymore on how many teachers that came in and out in our class. 

Anyway, what's more important now is I finished my dutch course with some rewards from my parents-in-law and hubby *wink*. We will be having a family dinner at the Greek Restaurant, sponsored by my parents-in-law. The second reward is my favorite and that is purchasing two pair of shoes, sponsored by hubby. Well, I'm busy searching for a new shoes but at this moment I still didn't see anything that I like.

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