Xmas present from his work

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last Friday, hubby came home with a big box. I'm excited at the same time curious what he got this year. Last year he came home with a big basket with full of stuff inside. This time it's a box only, so hmm... I can't wait to open it directly. Surprisingly when I open the box, I saw a big old fashioned suitcase, and in the suitcase it contains some grocery items. Well, I'm already happy to see the suitcase because I find it nice. I can use that suitcase for other stuff that I have here. Anyway, when I finally open the suitcase it was all filled in with grocery items. Well, I select only the items that hubby and I like such as chocolates, cookies, candies etc. The rest we gave it to my parents-in-law because we don't use it or we don't drink it such as two bottles of wine and other grocery items. Aside from grocery items, hubby got also two kilos of rollade meat and one Christmas bread *wink*.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kahit ako paborito ko rin ang chocolate..basta from uncle sam..

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