I gain a bit confidence

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First and foremost I’m thankful that I enrolled in the Dutch course. For somehow I gain my confidence in communicating to other people using the language. Although it’s not that good enough but at least I have guts to say something using the Dutch language. I remembered before I joined this Dutch course, every time I say something in Dutch, then I keep giggling because I feel a bit shy that maybe I pronounce it bad or I say it wrong or my grammar is not correct. I had an awkward feeling to communicate using the Dutch language because I have no confidence and I feel shy. Well, it’s not that I’m a shy person but in this case I’m shy that people might laugh at me if I say it wrong.

I’m almost two months in the course and seems like I change, like I said previously, I gain confidence already. Well, not as high as my confidence if I speak English because I’m always bubbly for that haaaa.


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