Bonding time with my bro-in-law

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My brother-in-law or I sometimes called him my kuya J is free for 4 weeks from his job. So nice that in that weeks he can relax and do something fun without any stress from his work. Sometimes I think, wish hubby can take that weeks of free but at this moment, it's impossible. Most of his days off, he spent in Philippines months ago, so now only 2 days left.

Anyway, back to my kuya J, this week is his last week of free. He sometimes said to me that days goes fast because his vacation is almost over. In his weeks of free, I enjoy it because I have someone to hang out haaa. Our age gap is not that far from each other, so probably that's the reason that I'm comfortable with him. Aside from that he is also a bit crazy like me, so we have something in common, LOL.

Well goodluck for both of us bro..Monday you're back to work, while me my dutch course will begin. I have a mix feeling, it's like I'm excited at the same time feel sad. I'm excited in a sense that I can start the course that I've been waiting for almost three months, phewww. Feel sad that when I'm back home, I have no one to hang out with.


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