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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pheww... I took a power nap this afternoon, so now it's late already and still I'm awake. This is the disadvantage of me if I take afternoon nap, then I'm having a hard time going to bed in the evening. Well, hubby was sleeping so sweetly already and here I am still in my blogging mode, still fully awake and fully charge haaa. I wonder what time I feel like I'm lowbat then I can directly lay on bed and relax until I reach in the land of my dreams *wink*. For now so difficult to lay and try to get some sleep because once I'm fully awake, then my mind keeps working. In other words, many thoughts, ideas, questions, plans and wishes that goes into my mind. So better to blog then my mind will be busy thinking on what topic I can share here. Well, too many blogs to maintain, so it's time to update it all.


Pinx said...

i envy you, i really would like to take power naps in the afternoon, but with my two little boys around, even a few minutes to close my eyes, i don't have the luxury. hehehe. hopping here.

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