Excited for my next trip

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was three days ago that I came home from my short stay in Cebu. It's exactly one week to go now for my next trip and that is for my sixth visit in the Netherlands. I'm too excited now that I'm there during springtime. For me, springtime is the nicest weather, not so cold and not so warm, but I heard from hubby that it's still a bit chilly there and sometimes still snowing a bit. This coming March 21, 2010, it's officially spring season in NL and they still experience cold weather, it's like a long winter season this time. Really strange that happen because in the Philippines we experience an El Niño Phenomenon while in the other side of the world like Netherlands, they experience a very cold temperature. Something unusual that happens in this time, but like everyone wishing for, hope that it goes all okay that the temperature turns back into normal again. But anyway, my trip is almost approaching and so I'm busy preparing my stuff that I need to bring. I can't wait to see my hubby again and of course my in-laws who are always there for us.


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