talking with someone

Sunday, March 16, 2014

After hubby was done playing computer game, I heard now that he is busy talking to his brother on the phone. I don't know exactly what they are talking because they are using this own language, which is Dutch and my dutch is not that good enough to understand a fast conversation. But some words I can translate it in English and I just figure it out what it mean. It just caught my attention this tremolno that they are discussing at this moment. Well, it's mens conversation and I know those two mostly talk computer games or some tools. So it's one of the choices that I think.

Half cake and half leche flan

My homemade half cake and half leche flan. It was not perfect as I want it from the outside looks but the taste was very yummy.

Request rejected

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I was chatting to my younger brother and he keeps asking me for some things that he likes. I made a promised to him that when he graduate in college, I will give him something as our graduation gift to him. He is excited and at the same time curious of what gift/s he will get from us but of course, we know that we don't give him something expensive. Our plan is to give him something simple not the things that he expect to have such as the roland cymbal mount at guitar center. He request to have that cymbal but directly I rejected. When time comes that he has a job already, then he can start saving for it and buy it by himself.

Homemade cupcakes

How do you like my homemade cupcakes?

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